Anyone who has ever bought an iPhone knows just how crazy expensive they are. Sometimes, some providers will give you one for free, but then you are locked into a contract with it for at least a couple of years. In other cases, your bill increases for that same amount of time, so they really are not free. I wanted to protect mine as soon as I got it because I did not want to have to dish out more money for another one. As soon as I got it, I looked for a water proof case for iPhone online.

I spend a lot of time outside, and there is potential for my phone to get wet regardless of the season. If it is warm outside, then I am going to be near a pool or beach. If it is cold outside, then I am going to be outside shoveling snow or raking up wet leaves. There are a lot of times when it is not wet outside, but there are a lot of times when it is. That is why I wanted to get a case to protect my phone so I would not have to buy a new one.

I was able to find a really great deal on a waterproof case from a website I found after doing a search. What I liked about it is that this is protected from more than water splashing on it or snow hitting it. It can actually be safe if my phone goes in the water and is submerged. That is just incredible to me, and I purchased one that same day that I saw it. Delivery was guaranteed to be in under a week, and I had it within just a few days. It fit my phone perfectly, and I don’t worry about it getting wet or dirty now at all.