Texas is quietly on Ryder economic war path thanks to its investment in natural resources for the past few years. This has allowed them to develop one of the most efficient energy infrastructures that the nation can claim to have. With multiple energy companies being provided to its residents there it’s a great deal of money to be made here. It’s the primary reason that I have chosen the arboretum apartments in Austin as my new home.I’m excited to see where President Trump and his cabinet will be taking us in the next few years.

Rick Perry becoming the head of the energy department is a coup for the lone star state which will no doubt help the current eject providers to make even more money. As weird of the wall that he promised to build along the border seems more and more likely, there is going to be even more money pouring info the state as the land around the project it’s developed I posted to host the small city sized camp which will be built to hold the number of employees working on this project. It’s huge in scale and while money is going to be needed to ensure that it happens there will be plenty of money that it’s going to come from it as well.

The frightening reality it’s going to be when the project it’s finally completed and everyone goes home. What happens to the city then or the community that few up around the people. Will the development of that land sustain the future of the needed investment required to make it in the first place? Money will be made but the question remains p of where that’s money it’s really going to go. We are not surprised three days whenever billions seem to disappear out from government hands.