Moving out to New Jersey was certainly an experience that I could never imagine another place having something similar. I was surprised that New Jersey, in a lot of ways, was very much like it was portrayed on that horrible MTV show, Jersey Shore. I didn’t have much of a choice in moving to the area but after a couple of months, it hasn’t been all that bad, I just have to grow more accustomed to the way people behave and think out there. Looking for new services was the hardest part and I found satellite (click here for information) to be more reasonably priced than it had been back home. With my new found desire to save as much money as I can, I made the decision to sign up with DirecTV instead of going with Comcast. I used to work with Comcast and know exactly how terrible of a company that it can be.

Working with them really showed me just how little they care about the customers. With every phone call, we were told to make Empathy Statements. These were simple statements to show that we in fact do care but in reality, when you’re told to care, when you’re job is on the line, you don’t really care. You become robotic in your statements. With very little on the job training regarding potential issues that customers may call about, we instead focused more on training with the software that they have designed to collect the calls, process complaints, issues and so on. With the average call being a simple routine of powering down the modem or router, the more difficult calls left me and the customer feeling frustrated because of my inability to solve their issue for them. So far, DirecTV has been nothing but amazing in their ability to help me.