I have been a supporter of a shift to green technology, and protecting the environment ever since I was a teenager. I am pretty sure that the world will not meet my personal goals towards protecting our environment within my lifetime, but hopefully we are starting to shift in the right direction. With the signing of the environmental agreement in Paris, I have become interested in its implementation within developing countries. One particular case I’ve been interested in is a green city, that Ronald Chagoury is working to help develop. I do not know much about the guy, but I learned of the project when I ran across some information upon him. The company that he works for is responsible for developing this green city, but I think that he is rather high up in the company. I forget his particular position though, and perhaps it isn’t even relevant here.

Anyway, I want to learn some more project details about this city and learn about the actual technologies that are going into developing it. I am most curious about whether there are more cities planned like this, or if this development is some sort of an outlier that is maybe just being made to satisfy the idea that the country (Nigeria) is doing something to affect climate change. Regardless of the reasons why it is being made, I think it is a good thing, and hopefully other developing countries will see this as example and take some initiative. But honestly, for there to be real success in making developing countries more environmentally friendly, I believe that developed nations are going to have to invest a lot of money in those countries. Otherwise, it is going to be a long time before they really change how much they are contributing to climate change.