Recently, I paid to have a new air conditioning unit installed in my house, and it seemed like it was going to really work out nicely, because this company quoted us a significantly cheaper price for installing the air conditioning than did the rest of the companies we contacted. Anyway, they made some mistakes, and so I am going to try to look up good electricians in NJ because I need to hire someone to fix the problems that were caused by the contractor that installed the air conditioning unit.

I tried to get the contractor who did the AC to fix the problem, but he came back and did some work for an hour or two, and said it was fixed. But in reality, the problem was still there. This was after I spent like two months trying to get him to come back to fix the problem, and had even withheld the final payment for the previous work until the issue was resolved. However, I stupidly gave the money to him after he came and claimed to have fix the issue. But I later found out that it was still a problem. So now I am going to turn to an electrician.

Instead of putting the AC unit on its own breaker, and installing a separate fuse for it, he attached the AC unit to the same fuse as half of the first floor of my house. As a result, if too many other appliances or lights are on in the bottom floor, or if it gets too cold outside, then the breaker trips and the AC unit turns off, leaving us without heat or air, depending on the season. This is really not what I bargained for when I decided to have a brand new air conditioning unit installed.