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Month: March 2016

Working to Expand My Web Page Traffic

I have been looking for a way to increase the internet traffic on a couple of web pages that I am operating. My original goal was to create a secondary source of income which I could use for long term goals. Obviously I would like to get rich, but that would require a lot of effort and time which I can not spare from my day job. I would like to make more money and that requires more traffic. I am looking at things like Gromode growth marketing which promises to do what I want to have done, but of course so far I have no real way to determine whether or not they can deliver on the promises that they make. It is one thing to say you can do this sort of thing, you can find hundreds upon hundreds of so called Internet marketing gurus making every claim under the sun. Being able to get real world results is a different matter. Obviously my intention is to create something which generates a more significant income, but which does not require me to do that much. It is really is not so far fetched as that sounds. You obviously have to do the initial work of setting up the web pages and then you have make a number of strategic decisions. However it is possible to outsource much of the problems involved in this sort of arrangement. The payments processing is something where you are pretty much forced to let an expert handle it. You just do not want to be responsible for dealing with the credit card numbers and all of the personal information. If that goes bad you want to have someone else to point your finger at. The shipping and receiving you want to send out to something called a fulfillment service.

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Custom Candles Offer That Personal Touch to Gifts

Candles are so popular these days. You know they have to be popular when stores devote so much floor and shelf space to displaying them. There is a whole aisle of them in the major department store I shop at. In fact, there are candle stores where that is their primary product. I, however, was wondering about how to get custom candles. You have probably seen those decorative candles that are many layers of many different colors. An artisan cuts them and bends the layers into a beautiful sculpture. I see them at different stores, but I wondered if you could get them custom made.

I found a website that makes custom candles. Not just the sculpted ones but other ones too. These make great gifts for all kinds of occasions from birthdays to anniversaries. Couples getting married can get a custom made wedding candle. I did not know you could do that. We got our unity candle from a catalog. We would have had one custom made just for us if we knew you could get them like that back when we got married.

It is nice that there are still artisans who can produce custom products for the masses. I don't mind off the shelf products for most things, but there are some instances where a custom product is nice. This is especially true for anything you are going to be giving as a gift. A little customization shows that personal touch being put into the gift. And what couple would not like a custom unity candle rather than one just bought at a party favor store? Little keepsakes are welcomed at weddings. Anyway, we found the custom candles we were looking for of the sculpted variety. Beautiful ones made in different colors with that personal touch that makes them special.

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