The big reason I did not seem enthusiastic about my wife wanting to look at apartments was that I was convinced the house we were living in was bigger. We lived in a suburb and the houses were all close to one another. Some of them seemed to barely have enough room to walk two people side by side between them. The houses were small, but because they were houses I thought we had more room. Then my wife took me to see huge apartments in Salt Lake City for rent. It made the rooms on our rented house look cramped.

Sure, I know there is a difference in perception when you look at a room that does not have furniture in it. However, I got out the tape measure and compared. I was arming myself with info to counter any claims my wife would assume. I measured the living room and main bedroom on our rented house and wrote it down. Then I measured them in the apartment expecting them to be smaller. I was wrong. There was quite a bit more square footage we would have if we choose to move into one of these huge apartments in Salt Lake City for rent. Oh, and the ceilings were higher too. Continue reading